Giant release date

It's finally happening!
My comicbook Giant will be released by the Danish publisher FORLÆNS August the 22'nd.

Follow on Facebook to be updated.

Giant is on FB!

more promotion.
My, soon to be published, comic book Giant is on facebook, incredible!
Check it out and like the hell out of it.
It will be published at Forlæns in August 2014.

Gigant Facebook page

Myths from the Underground by Lawrence Marvit

Here's something you should check out, a new comic from my mentor Lawrence Marvit. You can read the first couple of pages today and more will come. It looks great!
Annerriphtho kybos (The die is cast).

Myths from the Underground/

Facebook page

Animated drawings

Sometimes, an animated scene just looks cool in it's half finished form.